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What is Accounts Receivable Financing and its Advantages
Accounts Receivable Financing a financial strategy that allows businesses to obtain money from their receivables before customers actually remit payments.

Benefits of Account Receivable Financing For a Company

  • Pass Off Collections frees up your resources for other more productive activities like selling
  • Free Up Working Capital allows a company to free up capital tied up in inventory
  • Quick Financing a quick form of cash often used for business experiencing a cash crunch without requiring business plans or tax statements

Difference Between Factoring and Bank Loans
  • FACTORING A bit more expensive but is easily accessible and grows with you. Provides a steady predictable flow of funds They are usually one lump sum. Provide credit information on customers which allows you to be more selective when you sell. Improves your balance sheet. One asset (accounts receivable) to another (cash)
  • BANK LOANS They add debt. They are usually one lump sum. Banks do not provide credit information on customers .They are cheaper, but take a long time to qualify and are difficult to obtain

Top 10 Reasons Why Invoice Factoring is the Most Reliable Form of Business Financing Accounting principle Allow for more cash flow flexibility in accounting
Balance sheet Cash flow is a critical mechanism for ensuring that a business is able to resolve accounting expenses normally
Liquidity Produces immediate liquidity for companies seeking alternatives to traditional bank lending
Sustainability A great secondary source of commercial finance that allows businesses to stay afloat during poor performance periods
Billing obligation This is distinct from invoice discounting which allows businesses to retain control over billing
Uninterrupted service Your billing process does not have to be interrupted and your customers do not have to be aware of the factoring agreement
Rate variability Accrued expenses over time can often exceed the cost of service rates
Discretionary service Invoice factoring companies provide private service and research is required to find the reasonably priced services
Industry specialization By narrowing your search for the specialists, the best possible returns are likely
Risk reduction The intermediary agents reduce confusion via a professional broker community

Worldwide Factoring Industry 2013 Statistics Hong Kong (69%) Russia (66%) China (29%) Mexico (26%) 6% growth in total worldwide volume for factoring in Euro The world factoring total now stands at Euro 2,132,231 million International factoring has grown in 2012 much faster than domestic factoring

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